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USA Holidays

Needing no introduction, the vast USA is home to some of the world's most well-known cities, sights and stunning landscapes; of course all made famous in popular films and television shows. Holidaymakers are quite simply spoilt for choice with an array of exciting experiences in the United States of America which keeps them returning for more.

Iconic cities From New York, the city that never sleeps to glamorous and sun-kissed Los Angeles, or from cultural San Francisco to larger than life Las Vegas, a stay in any of the USA's cities is sure to be one to remember!

The great outdoors Away from the bright lights, there are breath-taking landscapes and National Parks to discover. Fly over or into the awe-inspiring Grand Canyon in a helicopter or go hiking through the vast wilderness of Yosemite National Park. Take a drive along historic Route 66 or the dramatic Pacific Coast Highway and go exploring!

Family activities A vast array of captivating family attractions for younger travellers can be found across the USA. Of course, Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts, along with Universal Studios are high up on every child's bucket list whilst teenagers will love the Kennedy Space Centre. There are also numerous parks and museums and family attractions across the cities and outdoor activities galore in the natural playground.

Culture and history Although comparatively short compared to older civilisations, the USA’s history and culture is most certainly colourful! Native Indians, cowboys, famous Presidents and space exploration are all part of a fascinating story.

At a glance

Flying Time: Dubai to New York – approximately 14 hours; Dubai to Los Angeles – approximately 16 hours; Dubai to San Francisco – approximately 16 hours; Dubai to Orlando (via New York) – approximately 17 hours; Dubai to Las Vegas (via Los Angeles or San Francisco) - approximately 18 hours.

Time Zone: New York:  UAE -8 hours; Los Angeles:  UAE -11 hours; San Francisco: UAE -11 hours; Orlando: UAE -8 hours; Las Vegas: UAE -11 hours.

Weather: With such a vast area, the climate varies considerably across the continent but in general it is temperate. In New York, temperatures range from below freezing in the winter months to around 250C in the summer. In Los Angeles and San Francisco, the temperatures range between 70C and 200C. Las Vegas is hotter and drier with lowest temperatures of 80C soaring to 410C in the hot dry summer months. Orlando is sunny year round and is blessed with mild winters of around 160C and summers around 310C. It is wetter during the summer and particularly autumn months and humidity is high year round. Tornado season arrives in the Midwest between April and June, and hurricanes are common in early summer along the southern East Coast and Gulf of Mexico coast, but the chances of encountering one on a short visit are remote.

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